Opening on Friday the 13th was not bad luck for the owners of Icarus Brewing, the first microbrewery in Lakewood.

The brewery has already brewed 70 barrels, served over 2,000 beers, and has 15 bars pouring their product. They currently have one year-round beer (Panic Pale Ale) along with a number of seasonal rotations, featuring Black IPAs, red ales, coffee porters, and more. For the teetotalers amongst us, they even feature house-brewed sodas.

Owner/head brewer Jason Goldstein said

We’re built for natural growth. Rather than starting massive and trying to push throughout the entire state, we’d rather grow locally, know our local accounts, stay on top of them, make sure we always have fresh beer going to our local accounts, and then eventually grow once we know what we have locally."

Icarus Brewing is located in the Lakewood Industrial Park off New Hampshire Avenue, and is open Fridays 3-10, Saturdays 12-9, and Sundays 12-5.

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