Imagine you're out on the boat, hanging with some friends, doing some fishing. You've been out there a few hours, had some drinks, just enjoying a relaxing day on the water.

AHHHHHHH HOLY CRAP. I'm pretty sure I would have had a heart attack. I know that a humpback whale isn't really going to eat my boat, or even attack it, but just having an animal that size breach just inches away from me would have overloaded my system.

There is a theory amongst oceanologists that says whales actually spend time near fishing boats, knowing that they'll be able to swoop in occasionally and get a nice mouthful. They're smart enough to not hit the boat, they just take advantage of the grouping of fish.

My fave part of the video? The guy yelling "did you see that?!?" as though anyone missed the 50-foot-30-ton beast that just came close enough to reach out and touch.

That video is my 2nd favorite whale video ever, because nothing will ever top this:

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