It has been 11(!) years since the last work was done on what has become a giant rusty metal eyesore on the Boulevard in Seaside Heights.

The town has been on owner Vincent Craparotta about the property, and his response has always been that he wanted to build something, maybe even bringing back the old night club that was there. After waiting over a decade, the town council finally gave Craparotta a hard deadline.

Seaside Heights is formally seeking proposals from developers to build on the site. According to Mayor Vaz, Craparotta is eligible to submit a design, but instead it appears that he will go directly to the borough’s planning board instead of submitting a proposal.

According to ShoreBeat, Craparotta's plan is for an eight story building with 36 covered street-level parking spaces, a 160 seat restaurant and bar on the first floor, a fitness spa and salon, plus gardens and executive offices. The plans also include a pool deck on the third floor and terraces for residents.

Something tells me this proposal will not go through the Planning Board. I just get the feeling that the town would rather choose another developer, pay off Craparotta, and start fresh. We'll keep you updated!

[via ShoreBeat]

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