It is officially the 1st day of February which means that the month of romance has officially begun.

You had one of two reactions to this statement.

My love enthusiasts probably just muttered, "Yay!" to themselves while wearing a big smile on their face.

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But my singles, well you probably just let out a big "Ugh!" while slamming your head into a nearby pillow because being solo is not easy.

You have bars, cheating, dating apps, proposals, weddings and on top of it all, the COVID-19 Pandemic brought on the new challenge of finding a partner without being physically allowed near another person. Yea, give that a try....

So, just how difficult is it to be single in New Jersey? As a fellow single myself, I am going to disagree with this study's results for NJ to the max.

Before we get into the results from, let me show you some of the biggest hotspots for singles at the Jersey Shore.

Us singles have to stick together and knowing where to go during Valentine's Day season is a must!

So buckle in your heart and let's go.

The Best Jersey Shore Bars To Hit Up As A Single This Valentine's Day

Us singles have got to stick together.

Save that list so you know where to go this Valentine's Day season!

But now onto the results of this study -- just how friendly is New Jersey when it comes to singles?

Let's find out.

The results were calculated by taking a few indicators into account:


Dating Opportunities: Are there more singles or couples where you live? Are there places where singles flock to? Are there online dating opportunities?

Couple holding hands

Dating Economics: What is your financial status? How much free cash do you have to take others out on dates?

*FYI: New Jersey ranked in the Top 5 for Highest Median Household Income and Lowest Crime Rate. ALRIGHT! We have money for our dates and won't get mugged on our way home!


Romance & Fun: Are there attractions to go to on those dates?

So where does New Jersey rank?

According to, New Jersey ranked as the 8th Friendliest State in the USA for Singles.

Eighth? 8th?!

I'd like to meet whoever calculated these results and ask them if they have ever tried dating in New Jersey.

Just to give you a few examples:

1. I've been stood up

2. I've been cursed at when declining a drink at the bar

3. I've been told not to wear my hair curly because he hated the way it looked. He wanted straight hair - and HA! No I did not listen.

4. The kicker - I had a guy who I dated a few times on and off throughout high school and college. It would never last longer than a month and every time, he would demand I take a pregnancy test before he could officially be done with me.

It was just like....GET OUT OF MY UTERUS?!

So maybe on paper, New Jersey is the place to be for singles and in a way it is!

There are places to go on dates and a lot of singles hit up the Jersey Shore in the Summer.

The struggle is not GETTING the dates, but what happens once we are on the date.

Maybe this year will be our year!

P.S. Keep in mind that flowers say "I'm Sorry!" but chocolate says "I Love You!" this Valentine's Day season!

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