Living in Ocean County means driving on roads like The Garden State Parkway, Route 37, Route 9, and more, which all have one thing in common: merges.

I face quite a few merging points on my commute to work, and while some days are a breeze, other days are not so easy. Some drivers fight their way up to the front of the line instead of waiting for a gap in traffic to squeeze in. Other drivers behave in the opposite way and let everyone else go in front of them. Both of those situations actually result in longer delays, and when you've got somewhere to be, it gets really frustrating.

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What are some of the craziest merges you come across when driving? Right away I think of the point where the Garden State Parkway merges onto Route 37. I've written about how much the Route 166 and Route 37 intersection drives me crazy, and the Parkway lets off just before then. It can get stressful at times!

How do you deal with drivers who can't merge? It's hard because you can't control others' actions, but at the same time, you just want everyone to share the road and drive safely. And don't even get me started on drivers who don't use their turn signals - that's a whole different blog post. Sometimes I take a few deep breaths when it gets crazy, and if anyone is aggressively fighting to merge and cut me off, I allow them - because it's not worth an accident.

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There are about to be a lot more cars on the road with Memorial Day Weekend coming up - so do you have any thoughts on how to keep your cool when bad merging situations arise?

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