As someone who comes from a very large military family, let me say that I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of the men and women who serve this country. Thank you for answering the call to protect and defend. I'm sure you don't always feel appreciated or understood, but just know that yes, there are SO MANY of us who are extremely thankful for your sacrifice.

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Speaking of taking care of our veterans, how exactly does Jersey measure up compared to the other states? Is it smart for veterans to retire here or are there better options? With Memorial Day approaching, WalletHub decided to take a look into just that. Which states are best in which for veterans to plan their retirement?

The survey compared factors like access to VA hospitals and facilities, affordable housing, and the availability of job opportunities for vets. According to the study, New Jersey comes in at number 32. S, it's not necessarily the greatest place for a veteran to take advantage of their later years, but it's not the worst.

Source: WalletHub

Taking into consideration the number of veterans per capita we have (we're 2nd to last with that one) and the extremely low number of veteran-owned businesses combined with the cost of living here, it's not hard to comprehend why adjusting to civilian life in Jersey could present a bit of a challenge. For one, if jobs can't be acquired, it could lead to homelessness. We already have that problem, so it makes sense now and the survey demonstrates why.

You can check out the reasons for our ranking for yourself HERE.


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