The world is a crazy place these days. The stress from the ongoing COVID-19 is more than taking its toll on people. Not to mention that racial tensions are at an all-time high.

Police officers around the country are dealing with protests and riots, and basic civil unrest.

I totally believe that protests are good. People need to have a voice, but what is happening in some of these cities is just downright rioting. There are no protests going on. Cities are just being looted and burned to the ground; and the police officers are powerless to do their job.

With any profession, you get some bad people. Terrible people, but overall, I think people are good.

Are there bad cops that should not be allowed to carry a badge and gun? ABSOLUTELY. But I feel that the majority of police officers in this country are good people trying to do the right thing for the public...Protect and Serve.

For the record... I support the police and law enforcement, and I know that Varacchi does too so we wanted to do something nice for the men and women who put on that uniform every day and show our support.

We figured EVERYBODY loves ice cream. Ice cream makes people happy so...

We called our friends at Mister Softee of Beachwood and the new location of Mister Softee in Toms River located at 1580 Lakewood Road, and asked them if they would help us hook up the police officers who are working so hard.

Mister Softee did not hesitate to say yes, and said let's do it!!

So, today we took the Mister Softee ice cream truck to the Ocean County Sheriff Department and Toms River Police Department for a little while and hooked the men and women up with some free ice cream.

Big thanks to Matt driving the ice cream truck today in 90+ degree weather and hooking all the officers up!

He will be giving out more free ice cream to police departments in Ocean and Monmouth Counties in the next couple of weeks

Check it out

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