Ahhhhh to be single.

And yet, to be independently single in an expensive state like New Jersey is a whole new ball game of difficult.

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There is a reason a lot of people in their 20's have roommates. It is not easy.

Let's say you are just starting out. You have the cost of rent, the security deposit, first month's rent when signing the lease, electric, heat, gas, phone, cable, insurance, food, clothes, apartment crap, car payments...overwhelmed yet?

Like I said...New Jersey is known for NOT being cheap.

So if you are just getting by, don't worry I get it.

But I started to wonder if there was a set salary minimum where singles in New Jersey would know, "If I make at least this much, I am covered."

THERE IS....well, sort of!

I found this article at NJ.com which calculated the necessary salary needed in order to afford a 1-bedroom apartment and a 2-bedroom apartment BUT....for back in 2019.

For a 1-bedroom apartment, the minimum salary needed is $46,619.

For a 2-bedroom apartment, the minimum salary needed is: $56,810.

These wages sound livable but things would definitely be tight. And trust me...I started below these numbers so I know first-hand.

Since these costs were calculated two years ago, I would bet money that these numbers went up quite a bit because according to BusinessInsider.com, the median living wage for the entire country is at $67,690 for 2021.

Oh and just a little money tip from Business Insider, the 50/30/20 Rule:

Here is how you should allocate your money:

50% - for necessary costs like rent and food.

30% - other expenses like travel and "discretionary expenses"

20% - savings

YOWZA! When I bet money on an increase cost of living, I almost didn't want to be right.

When you factor in the median price of homes in New Jersey, that brings the cost of living up big time.

A "comfortable" living wage in New Jersey in 2021 is a whopping $86,244!

So if you make less than this, it makes sense if you feel like you can never afford anything extra...ever!

I know it may not be your preference but the loophole for this is what I mentioned earlier: ROOMMATES.

Fake it till you make it baby! You'll get there eventually.

Rome wasn't built in a day...so your building your empire will clearly take some time.

Take a look at the sources for your article HERE and HERE.

Good luck out there.

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