Well, shit. We've known that local businesses were going to suffer the longer this quarantine went on, and we knew that the local music industry would be hit hard. No concerts were happening, so local musicians weren't getting work, and along with that go the sound guys, the tech crew, the bartenders...and now the venue itself.

The Saint is a staple in Asbury Park. I can't tell you how many times I've seen my friends' bands play there, supporting local artists, or played there myself. I've even seen a few of my favorite indie bands make a stop during their tour. "Intimate venue" can be a cliche, but when you see a band you really love play the Saint, you're pretty much face-to-face.

Sadly, over the weekend, the owners announced on Facebook that they were faced with the tough decision to sell.

The community quickly set up a GoFundMe to Save The Saint. As of the publishing of this post, just over half of the $50K goal had been raised.

Best-case scenario is that the money is raised, and the current owners can stay afloat. Worst-case, someone swoops in and takes the property and turns it into a random store on Main Street.


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