Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have a brand new album out today called “Letter To You” but you probably already know that because Bruce has been everywhere promoting it lately. We’ve played the first two singles “Letter To You” and “Ghosts” on The Hawk over the last few weeks.

This Sunday, during the Bruce Brunch with Mike Krenek (say it with me...Kre-N-ek), will play the full album from start to finish.

The album is getting good reviews. The first two singles that I have heard so far, I can honestly say I have enjoyed them. It feels true to the "E Street Band" sound.

I think I can speak for most of us and say that we just want a good album...Nothing else...No politics; No Bullsh*t.

We know how Springsteen feels loud and clear about what is going on in the world...We get it, but just give us good music. Give us a kick-ass record. That is all we ask for. Let this album be an escape from everything that is going on in the world.

As far as the new album goes...

This is the 20th studio album for Bruce. It is pretty impressive that it was recorded in five days  There are a few songs on this album that were written in the 70s!!! (curious why he waited so long to finally release them)

I'm looking forward to hearing it in its entirety. I really do want to like it...Nothing wrong with that right?

I highly suggest you listen toThe Bruce Brunch this Sunday morning from 9 am-11 am to check out Springsteen's new album with a very "handsome" host Mike K-r-e-N-ek.

**Disclaimer**  I was asked to use the word "Handsome" because we don't want to hurt his feelings...He cries alot...and he also might have paid me a few bucks. (he didn't)

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Andy Chase
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