I never thought I'd be writing about a rogue peacock wandering the streets of Berkeley Township...but at this point, literally nothing would surprise me. We would rather see roving gangs of peacocks than murder hornets, right?

My wonderful coworker Sue lives in Bayville, and while she hasn't seen the peacock herself, lots of her neighbors and other residents have. According to posts to Facebook, he was recently spotted in the Sylvan Lakes area behind the Wawa in Bayville. He's also been seen around Berkeley Township Elementary School on Station Road, near Wheaton Road, in more than one cul-de-sac off of Central Avenue, in Veterans Park near Central Regional High School, and even walking along Route 9.

Photo courtesy Elizabeth Lange
Photo courtesy Elizabeth Lange

One would immediately assume that this guy escaped from the Popcorn Park Zoo and has just been on the lam since - BUT, Popcorn Park Zoo says they are not missing any of their peacocks.

Maybe he came from the Six Flags Great Adventure Safari? Jackson is about 30 miles from Berkeley, and while I am by no means an expert on peacocks, I feel like that's a pretty far distance for one to travel. I know they can fly, but I assume it's only for short distances. I also have not heard any reports from the Safari about a missing peacock, so who knows?

Do people keep peacocks as regular pets? They are loud as hell when you walk around Popcorn Park Zoo, so I can't imagine anyone just having their own personal peacock strutting around the backyard, screaming at the whole neighborhood. But hey, if I start seeing "lost peacock" signs stapled to telephone poles, like I said, nothing would really surprise me anymore.

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