Before we get to the video of a song from The Cars 2011 album, which captures the classic sound of the band perfectly, we wish Ric Ocasek a very happy birthday today.

Best known by women as the lead vocalist of The Cars and by men as that guy who's married to that hot model,  Ric was born on March 23, 1949 in Baltimore, Maryland.

He moved to Ohio when he was a teenager and played in a couple of forgotten bands until he found success with The Cars.

He was the main songwriter for the band as well as its lead vocalist (along with Benjamin Orr) and rhythm guitarist until they disbanded in 1988 and he went solo.

Ocasek also became a successful producer for several bands, including Weezer, Bad Religion and No Doubt.

Ric reunited with the surviving Cars members in 2010 and they recorded "Move Like This", their first album in 24 years, which was released in May of last year.

Here's the video for the track, "Blue Tip", from that album (tell us what you think of this song below):