Two months ago, a 12-foot, 998-pound male great white shark named Ironbound pinged off the coast of New Jersey. There's another great white named Brunswick, who recently pinged even further into the Atlantic. We haven't seen Mary Lee in a long time, but there's another female great white who just popped up off our coast - Caroline!

Caroline is a 12-foot-9-inch, 1,348-pound female. As big as that sounds, she still doesn't approach the mammoth size that Mary Lee reached, clocking in at 16 foot, 3,400lb.

Caroline was first tagged in February of 2019, and had her first ping off the east coast of Florida in March of that year. She has made a HUGE trip over the past year, going as far south as the northern coast of Cuba all the way up to the southern tip of Nova Scotia.

You can follow Caroline's path thanks to OCEARCH. According to, Caroline's transmitter pinged about 70 miles off the coast of Seaside Heights. Seventy miles is plenty of social distance to keep between you and a shark, and Tyler Bowling, the program manager of the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History, said the odds of getting bitten by a shark are almost 12 million to one.

12 million to one? I'll take those odds...but then again, what were the odds for literally anything that has happened this year? At this point, anything can happen. Keep an eye on OCEARCH, and be careful in the water!

Thanks to my coworker Lou for the heads up.

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