Yes, I know there are countless great white sharks sharing the ocean with us. There are countless other things that haven't even been discovered yet that I'm sure would scare the crap out of me if I knew about them, but with them, ignorance is bliss. Thanks to OCEARCH, we don't have to be ignorant when it comes to some of the great white sharks in our area, and another one has pinged off the Jersey Shore!

We have Brunswick, a relatively tiny fella, weighing in at 8'9", 431 pounds. There is also big boy Ironside, a 12', 998 pound shark who pinged near Barnegat. Just two weeks ago we had a female enter the discussion, as Caroline, a 12-foot-9-inch, 1,348-pounder, pinged about seventy miles off the coast of Seaside Heights. As big as they all sound, they are all still dwarfed by the mammoth size that Mary Lee reached, clocking in at 16 foot, 3,400lb.

Now, jumping into the fray is Miss May! The 10', 800lb gal just pinged off the coast between Atlantic City and Ocean City around 8am on Tuesday, July 28th.

miss may

If the name "Miss May" sounds familiar, she has pinged near us before, showing up in around the same place last Fourth of July. Sharks do tend to have "territories", so if Miss May's usual route takes her up and down the coast, it's likely that she will keep showing up in the same general vicinity around the same time of year.

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