Governor Phil Murphy has had to make some tough decisions over the last 8 months on how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic to stop the spreading of the disease in the state of New Jersey.

I certainly don't agree with how he has handled things, and to be perfectly honest...I am not a fan of his.

Whether you agree or not with how Governor Phil Murphy has handled the COVID-19 pandemic here in New Jersey, there is a time and a place to do so, and there is a certain way to go about things to get your voice heard.

This weekend, Governor Murphy was having dinner with his family in Red Bank when what appeared to be two people came into the restaurant to harass the governor while he was sitting at his table.

The two ladies proceeded to call him a "di*k", and when one of Murphy's son's asked the ladies to put their mask on when they were too close to their table. The lady answered with "Go F*ck" yourself", and made mention of Murphy's family not wearing masks.

Like I said earlier, I am not a fan of Governor Murphy, but these ladies were completely out of control and were totally wrong with what they did.

I understand that everyone is stressed and we all want this to be over, but those ladies should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

Gov. Murphy and his family didn't have to be wearing masks when they were sitting at their table having dinner. The two ladies cursing and verbally abusing Murphy and his family were the ones to be wearing masks.

Regardless of the masks or not, the restaurant is not the place to express your opinion. He was with his children. It wasn't the time or place. Don't subject them to that behavior...They are innocent bystanders throughout this entire mess.

Have some class ladies.

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Andy Chase
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