Cheesesteaks may be one of my favorite foods, it's not something I eat all the time but when I get one, it transports me to a world of comfort.

There's just something about the simple combo of sliced-up steak, cheese, onions, and a nice soft roll that makes you salivate just thinking about it.

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Originally, I'm from right outside of Philadelphia, so I'd like to think I know my way around a cheesesteak.

People always argue over Pat's verse Geno's, but if you ever find yourself visiting Philly, you can ignore both of those spots.

You should check out a little spot called Dalessandro's, that's where you can get one of the best cheesesteaks in the city of Philadelphia.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Let's say though, you live by the Jersey Shore and don't really feel like making the hour-plus drive into Philadelphia just so you can get a good cheesesteak.

A gourmet cheesesteak place just opened up by the Jersey Shore, and what I think makes it unique is that it combines the tastes of Philly with the tastes of New York.

According to the new restaurant's owner, Giacomo Pisano, his steaks are made with sliced ribeye, melted cheese, or whiz, and are housed on rolls that come fresh from New York regularly.

Photo by Tommaso Urli on Unsplash
Photo by Tommaso Urli on Unsplash

The Rolls have a soft fluffy inside with a nice crispy outside

The new restaurant seats up to 24 people, and has a full menu including appetizers like cheesesteak egg rolls.

APP reports that the new restaurant opened on May 6th in downtown Point Pleasant.

GKnows Cheesesteaks is the newest addition to the world of cheesesteaks right here by the Jersey Shore.

Located at 73 Arnold Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, all you have to figure out is whether you want it "wit, or witout".

In the meantime, here are some other delicious NJ cheesesteak spots worth checking out.

The best cheesesteaks in New Jersey

Move over Philadelphia, us Jerseyans know that the best cheesesteaks are done here in the Garden State. With that in mind and the fact that it was just National Cheesesteak Day, Steve Trevelise asked his Facebook following for the best cheesesteak joints in Jersey. Here's some of what they came up with.

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