Pork roll ice cream is for everyone, but you have to be 21 or older to get some of the new booze-infused ice cream at Lickety Splitz in Maple Shade.

The new ice cream shop in Burlington County opened on June 10th, and offers all the usual things you expect from an ice cream shop - sundaes, shakes, floats, banana splits, and all the usual flavors. They even offer seasonal flavors, Keto-friendly selections and options for those with gluten or sugar or dairy restrictions.

What really makes them stand out, however, is their selection of alcoholic ice cream! Lickety Splitz serves sixteen "sinful" flavors, including pina colada, caramel apple brandy, bourbon butter pecan, mudslide, chocolate cherry porter, white chocolate merlot, and more.

In case you're wondering how an ice cream shop can get away with selling ice cream that contains about 0.5% alcohol (less than half a beer), Lickety Splitz is actually a part of Laurel Lanes Bowling & Entertainment Center. The lanes already has a liquor license, so they were able to apply it to the ice cream shop since it's technically the same address. The shop has two entrances, one from the street and one from inside the lanes.

The bowling alley itself has been closed due to the pandemic - according to the Burlington County Times, the alley and entertainment center were scheduled to open on Thursday July 2nd, but clearly things change day-to-day, so I'm guessing it will remain closed. The ice cream shop will still be open, with a couple tables set up outside. Even with those tables, most customers choose to eat in their cars or bring the ice cream home, and that seems like a better option for now.

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