Here in Grand Rapids there's an annual art contest called ArtPrize.

It's a 19-day city-wide art exhibit in which artists display their work for everyone to see. People and a juried panel then vote on which pieces they think are the best and the winners receive $560,000 in cash prizes. There are many mediums, including paintings, drawings, sculpture and even performance art.

One piece was titled "Hey YouTube, It's Me."

For it, YouTube users were asked by West Lafayette, Ind., artist Aaron Nemec to submit videos of themselves performing popular songs. Those videos were then played during ArtPrize, and people were encouraged to perform duet with the video performances.

Producer Joe came across this exhibit and decided to make things really awkward.

While one guy was watching a video performance of someone singing along to Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," Joe hopped in front of the screen, stared straight into the guy's soul and danced awkwardly for the whole song.

Check out a short clip of the awkwardness found at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts!

Producer Joe's ArtPrize 2014 Contribution

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