After the Cincinnati Bengals cut defensive tackle Devon Still, they re-signed him to their practice squad.

This most likely brings up the question, "Why?"

Well, it was a move made by the NFL team to help Still out.

Because of him being on the practice squad, he will receive medical insurance and make a weekly salary of $6,300. That means that he will be able to pay for his 4-year-old daughter's cancer treatments.

Still said he understands why he was cut, but is thankful for what the team has done.

He said:

I completely understand where the Bengals were coming from when they cut me because I couldn’t give football 100 percent right now. They could have washed their hands with me and said they didn’t care about what I was going through off the field. It’s like a blessing in disguise for me. We’re going to go to battle with cancer, and she’s willing to put up a fight to beat it."

This is a pretty impressive move by the team.