Last week Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in jail for probation violations. People thought she was finally getting the wake up call she needed to get her life and career back on track. People, we were wrong. Lohan was released from jail after serving 4.5 hours of her 30 day sentence! That is less sleep than the notorious partier usually gets in a night. COME ON CALIFORNIA! What kind of justice system has rules and punishments that they won't even try to enforce? This all goes back to the 1st parent who used "Time Out" instead of real punishment for their kids. I bet they are from California. Now those "Time Out" parents are judges and prosecutors and can't follow through on anything. What are they gonna do to Lindsay the next time she breaks the law? Give her a stern talk & take away her television for 2 days? Lohan is a party version of John Gotti, the ultimate Teflon Don. She breaks a law, gets put on probation, completely ignores the probation, gets sentenced to jail, just to be free in a matter of minutes.

Or could this all come down to the long thought of theory that people feel guilty punishing "gingers". Lindsay Lohan tries to hide it with hair dye and spray tan but when u get down to it she naturally looks like this. I have never seen a person that looks like that in any real trouble. I think they should just give her the official get out of jail free card & stop wasting the courts time fake prosecuting her.

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