It's understandable that random onlookers would have taken out their phones to get pictures or video of the tragic fire in Ocean Grove this weekend. You can complain about the social media culture as much as you want, but people are still going to see something and immediately post on Facebook or Instagram or whatever.

What isn't understandable, though, is seeing first responders take time away from doing their job to get a cool new profile pic.

Even if you want to make the argument that no human lives were in danger, everyone had been evacuated, there were no fatalities,'s still extremely effed up to strike an arms-on-hips Superman pose while eight local businesses were destroyed. The owners lost their business, they lost a location, they lost inventory; employees will have to find another place to work, and miss out on paychecks until that time.

I know that 99% of firefighters aren't like this, but that 1% gives the rest a bad rep.

[via APP]

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