Back in April, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy made a pitch to a few major Hollywood movie studios, to put New Jersey in the spotlight as an option to film and produce their new upcoming projects.

His position was also a condemnation of Georgia’s new voting law.  The new Georgia rule looks to criminalize the offering of food and water to voters in line at the polls.  It also mandates identification for those who seek to vote by absentee ballot.

In the letter, Murphy wrote… 

“I’ve watched the recent decisions coming from the Georgia State House with disappointment. Restricting the right to vote is more than just wrong, it’s un-American. These voting restrictions have thrust Georgia into the national spotlight, with the vast majority seeing the State’s decision as an attack on people of color by a Governor and Legislature willing to do anything to stay in power.”


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As that fight continues, a new movie filmed in New Jersey was released last week.  The new horror movie “6:45”, directed by Toms River native Craig Singer, was filmed in many Ocean and Monmouth county locations including Asbury Park's Silverball Arcade, Seaside Park's Spicy Cantina, and the Ocean Plaza Hotel in Ocean Grove.

In addition to the familiar Jersey Shore landmarks noticed on the screen, another New Jerseyan is tied to the production.  Music producer Ron Aniello, who famously worked on many Bruce Springsteen projects, was asked to score multiple scenes in the film.

Aniello told the Asbury Park Press that Singer asked him for his help…

“…So he sent me some scenes because I love scoring. It’s one of my passions because I don’t get to do it enough, and I’m certainly wanting to do more it. So I just scored it ... alone in a studio in LA in lockdown.”

Director Craig Singer who movie resume also includes, “Animal Room.”(1995), “A Good Night To Die” (2003), “Dark Ride,” (2006) “Perkins 14” (2009), and “Earth’s Call” (2018).

As to why Singer chose to shoot in Ocean Grove….

“It had never really been mined properly, cinematography. I think Woody Allen shot ‘Stardust Memories’ there years ago, other than that it’s almost cliché. People talk about location being a character in a film, but in the case of ‘6:45,’ I think it’s really appropriate. The architecture and sense of the area and the nostalgia, it’s very bittersweet, a return to innocence.”

“6:45” which stars Augie Duke and Michael Reed, is about what happens when a couple’s romantic weekend on an island resort (Bog Grove) goes horribly wrong.  As they learn of the town’s bloody history, they begin to wake each morning at 6:45 to relive a gruesome cycle of events that result in their murder.

"6:45" is now playing exclusively at Regal Theaters.  The movie is Rated R.  According to Rotten Tomatoes, is " deliberately uncomfortable to watch".

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