So we all have been pretty vocal about how the COVID-19 pandemic has just ruined 2020. So many of the annual events, concerts, and activities that we love so much have been canceled.

Locally...The Toms River Halloween Parade has been canceled, putting a damper on Halloween this year, and it was announced a while back that the popular "Terror Behind The Walls" Halloween-themed event at Eastern State Penitentiary In Philadelphia was canceled as well due to concerns over COVID-19 and maintaining proper social distancing.

Well, the fine folks at ESP put their heads together and they came up with something new for this fall.

"Night Tours" will take place on select nights now through November 15th

They already offer day tours to the public, but now they are opening the doors for night tours which seems pretty cool. I still think you will get that creepy feeling being in the prison just from being inside at night

According to their website, self-guided Night Tours include:

  • The chance to explore the cellblocks and yards of Eastern State Penitentiary at night, with the moon shining through skylights above
  • Historic locations in the penitentiary complex, including Al Capone's Cell and Death Row
  • "The Voices of Eastern State" Audio Tour, narrated by actor Steve Buscemi
  • Large-scale projections onto the penitentiary's 30-foot walls, including a silent film shot at Eastern State in 1929 and Hidden Lives Illuminated--animated films created by currently incarcerated artists

And so much more.

Check out the video they put together for "Night Tours"

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