You know that people who aren't from New Jersey definitely have an idea of what we're like here. But some of the things people have said will make you go "really?"

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This will probably be your face as you scroll through the list below.

In fact, some of these things will flat out make you say "how rude!?" And I know "dumbest" isn't really the kindest thing to call some of these statements, but I'm at a loss for words. Take a deep breath as you check out the dumbest things I've heard people say about New Jersey (and I thought I should add the girl in the picture is not me, but it perfectly captures my expression.)

The Dumbest Things People Have Said About NJ Will Offend You

Take a deep breath as you scroll down because you're not going to believe the things I've actually heard people say about New Jersey.

Here are some other things you should never say to someone from The Jersey Shore

Ugh - how many times have you met someone who isn't from the Jersey Shore, and they've said one of these things to you? Try to contain your anger as you scroll down!

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