We have all done it at one time or the other. We have a few (maybe more then a few) drinks and then decide that it's a good idea to pick up the telephone. BEST case scenario is that you get the person's voice mail and then hang up. WORST case scenario, the person answers and you spill your guts with no memory of what happened. Either way former Orlando Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide learned that it was not a good idea to call Dwight Howard after "2 or 3" glasses of wine. He denies that this is the reason he resigned today but let's be real. Would you be able to face an employee if you drunk dialed them and begged them not to leave? It is well known in NBA circle that Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando and clearly after a "bottle or 2" of wine Vander Weide was desperate enough to make the call. It's worse because he is father with 5 children. Shouldn't he have outgrown the drunk dial when he was in his twenties?

Drunk dialing is a real problem. I think that phones should come with a breathalyzer. If you blow a .08 then the phone should lock down except for 911 or your designated driver. That would keep you from calling the ex boyfriend or girlfriend, the platonic friend that you wish were more, or even the EMPLOYEE! There should be a  clear age cut off on the drunk dial. I think that if you are over 40 or if your a parent of multiple children you need to tighten it up. Have you ever drunk dialed? What was the aftermath?


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