Pokémon Go fever may be one of the fastest breakout fads ever. In only a week, it has become one of the most used apps in the countries that it was officially released in. In that time, you may have noticed hordes of people wandering around staring at their phones. Particularly in Downtown Toms River. Here's why:

Downtown Toms River has a large number of "PokéStops", landmarks where players can get free items.

Uncle Dood's Donuts, the Toms River Community Church, Toms River Fire Company #1, and the Toms River Fire Company Memorial are all PokéStops.

And that's only on Robbins Street!

Pokemon Go players congregate on Robbins Street
Pokemon Go players congregate on Robbins Street

Washington Street between Main Street and Hooper Ave has no less than half a dozen more stops.

In addition, players have been lacing those stops with "Lure Modules" (the purple halos that you see in the image above), which is exactly what it sounds like, in-game power-ups that attract more creatures to capture.

That's why you may have seen large groups of people congregating in specific areas, they're taking advantage of a stop that's been upgraded with a lure.

With all of its monuments, landmarks, and displays, downtown Toms River has become Pokémon Central for Ocean County.

If I'm being honest, I don't necessarily think that it's a bad thing, either. I've seen more people outdoors making friendly conversation with strangers than I can remember.

As long as people are being safe and watching where they're going, Pokémon Go may be a whole new way for people to socialize.

Have you or your family and friends gotten in on the Pokémon Go craze? How many have you caught? Let us know in the comments!


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