So yesterday, I posted a picture of a bunch of people hanging out on Robbins Street in Toms River, waiting around for "Power-ups" or something in the new "Pokemon-Go" Game.

When I took the picture around 5p, there were about 15-20 or so kids hanging around Robbins Street.

No one really knows exactly why, but Robbins Street in Toms river is a "Hot-Spot" in the game, where players can gain "poke-balls" and other stuff for game-play.

Now to be honest, I'm not hating on the game. As a matter of fact, I'm blown away by the phenomenon it has become. I think the technology is incredible, The possibilities of applications that this can be used for down the road is endless. Do I think it's silly if adults are playing it? Yeah, but that is just my stupid opinion. I know I won't be playing (I say this now)

I have always said "kids don't go outside and play anymore". Well......At least now they ARE going outside. Would I rather them have a baseball, or football in their hands rather than a stupid cell phone? Absolutely yes. But maybe this is a start.

And maybe...just maybe, these kids will start making NEW friends from this game. In real life! Not with a headset on while playing Call of Duty, or Madden etc.

I happened to be at the radio station late last night. When I left around 11p, there was at least 50-75 people now on Robbins Street for Pokemon! Crazy!!!!

Hopefully these kids will get their face out of there cell phones, and actually talk to one another.

So there are some positives that could come from this. Plus...I'm seeing on social media that some of these kids are walking 10+ miles around their neighborhood to collect Pokemon's.


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