According to Jeff Giles from Ultimate Classic, there is a new app coming out for the iPhone that will translate 'Ozzy' to English. 


The Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne has an accent otherwise known in the U.K. as  'Brummie.'

Thanks to modern technology, there will now be an app to translate from Brummie to English entitled the iBrummie.

You would the think that the creators of the App would have the Ozz Man himself as the translator but no, they held an open competition for the voice over, instead choosing a former paramedic for the gig.

If you ever watched episodes of Ozzy's reality show 'The Osbournes',  Ozzy even had difficulty giving his car's radio directions through his thick Brummie accent. The new app will apparently make life easier for not only Ozzy, but his fans as well.

See, all this time while you've been chalking up not understanding Ozzy to the massive amounts of drugs and alcohol, all you needed was a translator! The iBrummie app will be available for download on Monday December 19th.



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