I am not really sure why all things driving related hit a special type of nerve for us New Jerseyans, but they do so buckle up before you hit the road in the Garden State.

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There are a few common pet peeves: going slow in the left lane, not using your blinker, cutting someone off....

But I hit my maximum range of anger during an encounter while on Route 37 in Toms River.

The sad part is that this is a common occurrence that takes place more than it should.

We have ALL had it happen to us.

Just picture it: I was driving along in the red car seen below.

attachment-Untitled design (8)

Sing it with me: "La la la la la la!"

My windows were down, the music was up...I was happily cruising!


attachment-Untitled design (9)

I spotted a blue car pull up to the road with their right blinker on.

"Are you gonna go? Now's the time do it!" I thought to myself.

They don't go...so I continue driving forward.

attachment-Untitled design (10)

Still no sign that this driver is going to go forward within the next 30 seconds or so...so you continue to drive forward.

attachment-Untitled design (11)

"Don't you do it. Don't you dare do it," you think to yourself as your foot dances back and forth between the gas and the brake.

"I swear, pleas"......AND THEN.......

attachment-Untitled design (12)

What could have been safely done 45 to 60 seconds ago was saved for the very last second possible.

This blue car decided to pull out into oncoming traffic DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME while I was going at least 55 miles an hour.

I was forced to slam on my brakes because what else am I going to do? HIT the guy?

I don't know about you but whenever this situation happens on the road, I feel a sudden spike in my blood pressure....probably due to rage.

Friends and family of mine will literally stop mid-sentence because of this type of situation.

Here's what that sounds like:

Friend: "Yea, like I'm not sure which outfit to wear for this....WHY ARE YOU CHOOSING TO GO NOW!? LIKE SERIOUSLY, NOW! YOU WAITED UNTIL THE AB-SO-LUTE LAST SECOND! ...presentation I have tomorrow. What do you think?"

Yes....literally mid-sentence. No lie.

If you are second guessing on whether or not it is your turn to pull out to join traffic, then it is not your time.

Going back and forth on your decision on when it is time to make your turn in this situation gives the other oncoming cars seconds to spare to press the brakes.

This, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is how an accident takes place.

If a car is approaching and you continue to second guess, let them pass and wait for a longer, more secure gap.

It is more important that you arrive at your location safely and in one piece versus two minutes quicker.

While I was learning to drive, one of the biggest rules my father instilled in me was:

Every decision you make on the road must be made 100% and confidently.

So if you are pulling out onto the road, confidently and 100% know that it is your time to press the gas to go.

If you are backing out of a parking space, same thing! You must confidently and 100% know that there is no one behind you and it is your time to go.

Every decision while driving must be made intently and with purpose.

Driving from Point A to Point B will be a calmer and easier task and everyone around you will feel the same.

Do you agree? Let me know! Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com.

Drive safe kids.

Nicole S Murray XOXO

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