New Jersey roads are very unpredictable, to say the least. Trying to plan an airport pick-up, delivery or just getting to work on time can be tricky. The challenge in Jersey is that with the condition of the roads and the random and sometimes never-ending construction, a 15-minute drive can turn into an hour.

For my commute to the station, it's before there's any significant traffic, and for most of the year, it's still dark so I can time it the same every morning. Still, I've learned to have a 15-20 minute buffer for random obstacles that can come my way.

The latest I've ever arrived at the studio was last year, arrived at 6:05 a.m., with three minutes to spare before the mic is hot! The funny thing about that morning was I would have been 20 minutes early, but three blocks from the studio, a tree was down in the road.

Cops had the side streets all blocked for the removal crew. Had to go several miles out of the way to circle back to enter the studio from the opposite direction. In the end, all good, but I will continue to keep that buffer zone in my morning schedule.

As far as my event schedule, I can't seem to make up the time, it's like I started the year 20 minutes behind and have not caught up yet! So if you're heading to one of our 3-4 daily events, speeches, meet and greets, etc., know that I might be a little late!

Bill Spadea - Town and Country Inn
Bill Spadea - Town and Country Inn

The real reason for the lateness in the schedule is I make it a point to meet everyone who attends our events. And I like to talk!

Bill Spadea at Aunt Butchies of Brooklyn
Bill Spadea at Aunt Butchies of Brooklyn

What's your trick to making sure you're on time? And are there places you need to be that you absolutely cannot be late, even by a minute? Hit me up on the free New Jersey 101.5 app and let me know. I might share your story on the air.

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