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Do you remember your first car? Maybe it was a heap of junk, only because your family didn't want you to crack up a nice new car. Now that we're all older, we can appreciate that! I'm sure some of us have experienced or are close to experiencing our own children driving. My first car was a loaner from my dad. It was back in 1991 when I started driving and he had 1 year left on a lease so let me drive that car. That car was a 1989 Chevy Beretta GT and man let me tell you, IT WAS FAST!!!! He's a very smart man, but looking back, I'd NEVER allow that now with my own child!

Now that most of us grew up, we have sedans, SUV's and minivans! We've become moms and dads, and we've turned into taxi services, take this one to the mall, this one plays hockey (and has a van full of equipment). Not many kids walk around anymore, or even ride their bikes, so we need the room to take our kids, and their friends all over creation.

Jenni James' Cars Through The Years

I am definitely a car girl. I enjoy nice cars and keep my car very clean. My current car is 10 years old and doesn't look it. Funny thing, a memory came up on Facebook from September 14, 2017, when my mileage was 105,700. I posted it and tagged Varacchi and Andy Chase, just because I thought it was pretty cool that I caught it.


If you have a picture of your first, even second, and third cars, I'd love to see them!

I will tell you, my next car will be a convertible FOR SURE!

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