Who says TikTok isn't useful?

Say what you want about TikTok, but their algorithm seems to know me better than any other website. Most of my contest tends to be about Star Wars, or grilling, or home repair (not that I've put any of the home repair tips to use, they're just interesting to watch). I also get a lot of stuff related to New Jersey, and this TikTok taught me something I never knew!

So Charles Addams, the creator of The Addams Family, grew up in Westfield, New Jersey. There were two old Victorian homes that he would walk past on his way to and from school each day, and they ended up being the inspiration for his creepy comics that would eventually be turned into the classic television show and movies.

Westfield embraces their culture and holds an annual "Addamsfest" to celebrate all things creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky! Addamsfest 2020 is still going, but obviously much differently from past years. Westfield released a full statement regarding all the COVID-related restrictions, but there are still a lot of things going on!

I think it's pretty much a tossup for me when it comes to The Addams Family versus The Munsters. John Astin and Fred Gwynne are both fantastic dads, and Carolyn Jones and Yvonne De Carlo both seem like they could be responsible for my attraction to pale, dark-haired goth chicks. Grandpa vs Uncle Fester is an even match, and the team of Wednesday and Pugsley are pretty even with Marilyn and Eddie.

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