It is going to be a creepy and spooky Saturday in Monmouth County as the zombies come to life and walk the streets just in time for Halloween in Jersey. Don't be caught off-guard as the un-dead rise for a fun day in Asbury Park.



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This Saturday, October 8th it's the Annual Asbury Park Zombie Walk, a Halloween tradition in Monmouth County. Thousands of zombies have taken part in the walk over the years and it's back for spooky fun this weekend.

Have you ever gotten your "zombie" on and walked in Asbury Park? It always draws a big crowd and the costumes are outrageous with so many creative zombie looks in the walk. According to their website, "The New Jersey Zombie Walk broke the Guinness World Record™ for 'WORLD'S LARGEST GATHERING OF ZOMBIES' in 2010 AND THEN AGAIN IN 2013!" Dylan Sauerwein Dylan Sauerwein




Their website has the agenda for the zombie walk, "At 4 pm the walk will begin moving up the Boardwalk, heading from Convention Hall down the boards towards the Casino where it will turn onto Cookman Avenue and head into the Downtown! The Zombie Walk route ends outside of Johnny Macs House of Spirits on Main Street. Judging for the Costume Contest will take place on the stage outside of JMacs immediately after the Zombie Walk!" Timothy Eberly Timothy Eberly




Asbury Park Zombie Walk Meeting Point

Asbury Park Convention Hall, 1300 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712, United States

Have fun and don't be a "stiff" this year lol or wait maybe that's just what you do want to be at the annual Asbury Park Zombie Walk! Mahdi Bafande Mahdi Bafande


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