I was all set to get my Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine the next morning and then the news scrolls across my phone that the J&J shots were on hold.  I was super disappointed at first because getting an appointment was near impossible with the work hours I keep, but then by a stroke of luck I found an appointment for the Pfizer vaccine and I grabbed it.  I was really lucky to get that appointment and I also felt lucky that I missed getting the J&J shot by just one day. I'm sure I would have been fine, but I KNOW I would have worried hearing the news after having gotten the shot. On the way home, I started wondering about the 6 poor women who had adverse effects with their vaccines and I wondered why they couldn't be lucky too.

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I know the general feeling is, well 6.8 million people got the J&J vaccine and only 6 women had issues...that's nothing!  Well, it is something and I feel terrible for them. Since when is being human all about the numbers?  One of those 6 women is only 26 years old and is being hospitalized right here in Jersey.

About a week after she had the J&J shot she got a severe headache.  She felt weak and then was admitted to the hospital for 10 days. Her blood platelets were low and scans showed several blood clots in major vessels in her brain, stomach, and lungs.  She is a young girl who thought she was protecting herself and others and now she is fighting for her life. I have no solution or opinion on what should happen with all the vaccine being held...the truth is none of us know what to do but we all want to do the right thing.

The CDC is saying that they will need at least another week or two before making a decision on the Johnson & Johnson's vaccine. Hoping we all heal from this soon.
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