The booster is supposed to protect us from COVID 10X more than not having it.  So do I want it? YES. Should I wait? YES. Are there side effects? Sure. Here's what you need to know...

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So why am I in a rush to get the booster?  I want it because it can offer 10X more protection form COVID and I want to loose the mask forever. Of course, if I'm told I have to wear it in a particular business I will but if it is optional, I want to ditch that thing. However, I learned that I should NOT be in a rush to get the booster and here's why...

Patience is not my strong suit but holding off and waiting for my booster will mean a better immune response. Since I'm not in an immune-compromised category, waiting means I can end up with a higher level of immunity plus as variants develop the boosters will adjust to cover more of them. So I should slow my roll...I did only got my second vaccine 5 months ago.

Yes, you can expect side effects from the COVID booster shots.  From what I'm hearing the reaction is just what it felt like when you got your second vaccine.

The most common complaints so are are:

*Injection site pain, itchiness, or swelling at the injection site

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*Muscle aches

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A CDC study reported that only 10% of J&J recipients reported side effects that had them staying home from work.

As for the Pfizer shot, less than 40% of people who received the Pfizer booster reported headaches and muscle aches, and around half said they came down with fatigue.

I felt the side effects pretty strongly with my second had me on the couch all weekend in fact.  I was told that was a good thing because it meant my response was the sign of a good immune system...thanks, I guess. It was a pain but it is worth get back to normal...real normal...I'm ready to get the booster and do it all over again...but I'll wait a bit longer.

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