I love pizza. Who doesn't? There are about five great pizza places per square mile at the Jersey Shore, and whether you like plain or pepperoni or chicken/bacon/ranch, thin crust or thick, tomato pie or white, it's all good! Except Hawaiian, you monster.

As much as I love pizza, I think it'd kill me if I did what Mike Roman did. While taking part in a podcast, Roman said his pizza addiction began at a young age, when his mother gave in to his picky eating and just let him have pizza. During his school days he would change things up with a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, but he made the change to pizza twice a day, until a recent switch back to peanut butter.

You can see a picture of Roman at NorthJersey.com, and surprisingly he doesn't check in at 500+ pounds. He also claims to have no health problems, saying "pizza has three of the four basic food groups." Sound logic, I'm on board!

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