Experts say the creative world of art is such a healthy way to express oneself.

Psychologists will often have children draw pictures to express themselves after they encountered a tragic incident in their lives.

Our individual creative juices flow to our own individual beat.  The sound of music either performed or consumed as a listener always seems to help soothe the soul, to heal many ailments.

Rich DeSisto

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For me, I always go to music for meditation.  However, it’s important to point out how we consume any art, is only successful in its intention when we choose the selections.  When it comes to music, certain song selections often place upon us during these times of trouble, creating a negative outcome in our healing.  “Oh no, not that song”!

In the past 18 months during the pandemic, everyone has been affected one way or another by this terrible virus.  Either you suffered from it yourself, you lost a family member to it, lost your business, or lost your job.  No need to sugarcoat the results.  They are all horrible outcomes.

Covid19 taught us valuable lessons.  Some lessons are still being taught.  The coronavirus also created that all too familiar level of anxiety and fear we feel in times of trouble.  For some, the need to express feelings is paramount.  This is where the world of Art comes back into play.

During the lockdown, many people around the world used their own art form to express the feelings of the times.

Art therapy is a stress and anxiety reducer, according to studies.  Including post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Street artists globally are using their creativity to express not only how they’re feeling but a sense of how the community collectively is feeling

One Minneapolis artist has done just that in Asbury Park.

via YouTube

Eric Rieger aka, “HoTTea” is behind the many strands of yarn hanging from the rafters at the Casino in Asbury Park.  Located at the southern end of the Asbury boardwalk, the landmark building's interior is draped with many individual strings of yarn.

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The display can be seen for another couple of weeks as the summer winds down.  The over 5,000 strands of yarn that hang from the Casino building rafters represent “Connection”.  The artist strategically placed them 6 feet apart to symbolize the 6-foot social distancing we were all recommended to do during the pandemics' most dangerous period.

The exhibit is named "Aaron", after Rieger’s boyfriend.  The two met recently and it’s his “love letter” to the new relationship that has grown during the covid19 period of isolation.

There is so much creative exhibition around us at the Jersey Shore.  Asbury Park is home to many expressions.  Scroll further down to see photos of the "Yarn".

But there are examples of the many creative displays in and around Asbury Park.

The Art of Asbury Park

Fantastic Street Art in Asbury park

The YARN Exhibit in Asbury Park