New Jersey is home to some of the best diners in the world. When folks from other parts of the country ad even the world think of diners, they are thinking of the iconic Jersey diners.

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When I think of diners I think of comfy booth’s and heavy coffee cups. It’s comfort foods for dinner and something from the dessert display for after. Whether it’s omelets, rye toast, and coffee for breakfast or great burgers and well done fries for dinner, you can’t beat a good Jersey diner for a fantastic meal. Spencer Davis



I would have to say for me my favorite is breakfast at the diner. Diners always have the best coffee. I remember my Uncle Jimmy who owned his own coffee company in Chatham, New Jersey. He provided coffee for many of the diners around Morris County and it was the best. Too bad I was so young when this was happening lol I would’ve loved having that coffee. The bottomless cup of coffee on a Sunday morning at a local Jersey Shore diner is always a great memory. Nathan Dumlao Nathan Dumlao



In a recent Eat This article they compiled the best diners around America and for the best in New Jersey they named a diner in North Jersey, Tops Diner in East Newark was named as best in the Garden State. Tops Diner is located at 500 Passaic Ave, East Newark, NJ 07029.

The Eat This article said “Located in East Newark, this place is known for serving unique dishes such as tacos and lobster macaroni and cheese.” Have you ever been to Tops Diner? I have not but would love to hear what you have to say.

Of course we have many fantastic local diners here at the Jersey Shore. Congratulations to Tops Diner for getting this recognition and enjoy your next meal at your favorite diner.

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