A total of 17 small adults were identified from the Shrewsbury River in Monmouth County this past week, according to a DEP release.

The jellyfish were first found in New Jersey last summer. They initially appeared in the Manasquan River, then the Shrewsbury River, then Barnegat Bay. So far this year, they've only been found in the Shrewsbury River.

Officials don't expect them to move to the coast, because they prefer to cling to vegetation in bays or rivers.

This map identifies locations were jellyfish have been found, as well as some locations that are clear at the moment.

Director of the Marine Biology and Coastal Sciences Program at Montclair State University Paul Bologna says "this year’s individuals appear to be blooming at the same time as last year’s individuals. This suggests that annual blooms may become a common feature in New Jersey.”

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