Be careful when you're out on the water!

Late last week, researchers found 294 clinging jellyfish along the banks of the Metedeconk River in the northern Barnegat Bay. These nasty stingers are native to the Pacific Ocean, and first appeared in NJ waters in 2016. Since then, researchers have been studying to find out how they got here, and where they tend to live, so that swimmers and boaters can avoid them.

clinging jellyfish

The Clinging Jellyfish map hasn't been updated for 2019 yet, but you can check back to see where they've been spotted.

According to most of the research, the jellyfish won't make it out of the bay and into the ocean, so most swimmers won't be affected. Still, if you're spending any time in the Bay, you'll want to keep an eye out and be careful.

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