When you turn on your television tonight to watch the New York Giants take on The Pittsburgh Steelers tonight on ESPN, the theme song is going to sound different because it is an entirely different song Monday Night Football is going with this season.

Normally you would hear Hank Williams Jr. sing "All My Rowdy Friends" sing the opening of Monday Night Football, but executives decided to g in a diffet direction due to the COVID-19 pandemic and replace the theme song with Litle Richard's 1956 hit song "Rip it up".

According to the Washington Post:

The band Butcher Brown, which is based in Richmond and shares a record label with Little Richard’s estate, was brought in to bring a more modern feel to the song and would also supplement the original vocals.

As much as I am going to miss hearing Hank Williams sing the theme song for Monday Night Football, I have to admit that the new theme song that debuts tonight is actually really cool, and do I dare say..."It rips" (sorry I couldn't resist)

There are two games tonight on ESPN...The first game is The Giants vs the Steelers. Kickoff is 7:10. The Tennessee Titans go to Denver to take on the Broncos. Kickoff is 10:20

Check out the new Monday Night Football theme song

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