Adam Sandler is bringing his "100% Fresher" tour across the country this summer, including a stop at the PNC Bank Arts Center and the Hard Rock in Atlantic City.

The tour announcement brought up some debate around our office about our love or hate for Adam Sandler. It was about a 60-40 split in favor of Sandler; I landed in the minority. I'll admit I enjoyed Sandler when he started on SNL, but I got tired of his shtick quicker than everyone else seemed to.

He has a handful of movies that I enjoy, but for the most part, I can't bring myself to spend two hours watching him.

5 - 50 First Dates

This is actually a really, really bad movie - but my wife likes it, and we watched it a few times when we were dating, so it earns a spot.

4 - Funny People

Sandler teams up with his old roommate Judd Apatow to make a pretty fine dramedy.

3 - The Wedding Singer

80s nostalgia will get me pretty much every time.

2 - Happy Gilmore

This was really right around the time I got sick of Sandler, but for whatever reason this movie still makes me laugh. I feel like more of my enjoyment comes from Christopher McDonald and Ben Stiller and Bob Barker, but it still counts.

1 - Airheads

Not a "Sandler movie" per se, but it's definitely my favorite thing that he's been a part of.

So yeah, Billy Madison and Grown Ups and Big Daddy and The Waterboy, those all missed the cut (mostly because I refuse to watch them). I do want to watch more of Sandler's 'serious' stuff like Punch Drunk Love or The Meyerowitz Stories, and maybe I'll get to them someday.





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