The only thing that's certain about playing the lottery is that you can't win if you don't play, and the temptation to play is strong especially when it seems like people are winning huge jackpots every week in Jersey.

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Just the other week three jackpots were won in the Garden State ranging from 10 thousand dollars to one million dollars.

More on that right here. 

A few months ago somebody won a life-changing jackpot of 221 Million dollars in Camden which only fueled Jersey's lottery fever even more.

And who could forget the massive 1.25 Billion Dollar jackpot that somebody in Neptune won right here at the Jersey Shore!

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That ticket by the way was sold at a ShopRite

Well, the luck continues in the Garden State because another seven-figure jackpot was just won, and it's a familiar story.

Another Huge Jackpot Was Won At A New Jersey ShopRite

Not sure if it's Jersey that's lucky or ShopRite, but either way, I'm starting to see a sort of pattern.

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This week a Jersey Cash 5 ticket worth 1.9 Million dollars was sold at the ShopRite off 35 in Belmar, according to

The daily Cash 5 game didn't have a winner for 11 days which is what led to the massive jackpot, in fact, this is the largest Cash 5 Jackpot this year.

And if you're curious what the odds are of winning a daily cash 5 jackpot, they're still slim; something around a 1 in 1,221,759.

It's not impossible, just not very likely but hey like I said, you can't win if you don't play!

If you do win the lottery by the way, experts say these are the steps you should take immediately.

These Are The Steps Experts Say To Take If You Win The Lottery

After getting over the initial shock, says you should do these things immediately if you win the lottery!

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