Last Sunday my family and I were lucky enough to go to the Giants vs. Raiders game at home.  It was beautiful fall day and we had a blast but you would not believe the spectacle I witnessed walking out of Metlife Stadium!

Let me first say that my husband, Tony,  is a Raiders fan though and through...he's from New York but he's been on the Raider's train since he was a little boy (it is his Dad's team too and they bonded over it bigtime).

Shannon Holly's husband Tony with an ugly grinch Christmas sweater for the win. Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Shannon Holly's husband Tony with an ugly Grinch Christmas sweater for the win.                    Photo credit: Shannon Holly

I personally don't have an NFL team that I am passionate about so I support Tony when his team plays. I was actually pretty impressed with how everyone was so nice no matter who you were cheering for at the game, at least until the end...

Met Life Stadium Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Met Life Stadium Photo credit: Shannon Holly

The game was over and as we were waking out into the parking lot and there was a woman in a headlock by security screaming on the top of her lungs because the guy she was with was in a huge fight with another fan of the opposite team. Mind you, these men were now being taken into custody because they beat the living hell out of each other.

The one guy surely had a broken nose, and cuts on his face and the other guy had his jersey ripped and a scraped face and neck.  They were fighting over the players and their respective teams...will someone please explain this to me?

As I said before, I like football but I'm not a super-fan of any one team so I don't understand the willingness to fight to the death over a team or player who does not (and will not) ever know that I even exist. Now, will I fight for a family member?  YES.  Will I fight for my best friend? You bet...but to fight for the honor of a football player who makes millions and quite frankly will never know you were sticking up for him is crazy to me.  That level of passion is just so intense!  Why is that passion even there?

Those guys will have to pay medical bills, replace their jersey, and possibly get sued by the other party.  Those guys were getting arrested!  Would they say it is worth it? I'm curious, what is the source of the passion here?  The only thing I can think of is that somewhere along the line, watching football was an opportunity to bond with someone special (like Tony and his Dad), and that creates precious memories.  Maybe those guys were defending the honor of those memories more than the actual team itself?

That's the only thing that makes sense to me because then it becomes highly personal.  Similarly, growing up I saw my Dad hurl something at our TV set when the Eagles lost, breaking his TV...HIS TV, not the player's TV but his!  I just don't understand.  I would love to know if you have ever experienced anything like this and what you thoughts are! Email me

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