New Jersey and Italian Food go together like ice cream on a boardwalk, it's just a perfect combination.

Jersey is known far and wide for its amazing Italian Food by the way, from traditional sit-down restaurants to amazing pizza and pasta spots, it's hard to go too far in Jersey without finding a good spot for Italian.

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But what would you say is the best Italian Restaurant in the state?

More often than not when a publication says they've found Jersey's best anything it's typically North in Jersey City or Newark for some reason.

However, according to 24/7 Tempo, Jersey's best Italian restaurant is right here by the Jersey Shore.

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New Jersey's Best Italian Restaurant Can Be Found In Atlantic City.

Atlantic City, it's not just for gambling!

It's regularly voted as having one of the best boardwalks in the country, and on top of that is filled to the brim with delicious restaurants such as Cafe 2825.

According to 24/7 Tempo, Cafe 2825 is the best place in the Garden State to get some Italian Food.

This place seems amazing with a specialty in tableside experiences; when your food is made right in front of you.

Menu items like Warm Burrata with fresh mozzarella, Polenta on a wooden board, and hand-tossed Ceasar Salad really sets this place apart.

Cafe 2825 of course has a menu chock full of traditional Italian dishes according to 24/7 Tempo such as Sunday Gravy, Spicy Scungilli, and pork braciole.

Located at 2825 Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City, be sure to check them out next time you get that craving for tasty Italian Food.

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