I have wanted to write this article for months, and I finally had the chance to piece it all together. You might not agree with anything that I say, and that is the beauty of it all. COMMENT & SHARE your opinion!

First off, the bone-in or boneless wings debate can get a little messy. I'll admit, I am more of a boneless fan, but I also enjoy eating bone-in wings. As you know, the Jersey Shore is home to a ton of restaurants that offer finger-linkin' bone-in wings. For example, The Chicken Kitchen in Shrewsbury and Boathouse Bar & Grill in Belmar are some of my go-to places for bone-in wings, but what about boneless wings?

Boneless Wings - Jimmy G
Boneless Wings - Jimmy G
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Obviously, you have to respect the boneless wings from Applebee's, they are easily some of the best boneless wings around. I also think the boneless wings made at Bubbakoo's Burritos and Cluck-U Chicken are worth noting. Those places are all great, but in my opinion, they don't make the best boneless wings in Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

Let's go to a small Monmouth County borough near Howell Township, you know Farmingdale? When I think of Farmingdale, I think of Mulligan's Restaurant & Grill. For many years this place has been offering tasty food, drinks, and tremendous service. Oh and yes, and they make the best boneless wings at the Jersey Shore. The chicken is crispy, cooked just right, and the tenders are always smothered in the right amount of sauce.

My recent boneless wing-Mulligan's experience was the cherry on top, I had to get the word out to all of you. Plus, Mulligan's Restaurant & Grill is an awesome place in general. All the food is tremendous and the atmosphere is pleasant. Mulligan's is located at 203 Squankum Road, Farmingdale, NJ. Enjoy the wings! Ranch or blue cheese?

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