It is pretty exciting when there's a Jersey reference in a popular TV show or a movie. If you're laying in bed watching something and all the sudden you see a local town mentioned you pop out of bed and yell to whoever is next to you, "hey they just talked about ____, New Jersey"!  It's like you can't believe your ears. Well, one of my favorite TV shows in history will reference Jersey again this you know which one it is?

I'll give you three'll only figure it out if you are "sponge-worthy", a "close-talker" or if you've ever said, "Newman"!  Yep, Seinfeld has one of the best Jersey mentions ever because they air it every year around Thanksgiving.  Dish TV did a survey and determined the most watched TV episodes for the Thanksgiving holiday...numbers one though ten on the list are all Friends episodes, except the number two spot...which goes to "The Mom and Pop Store" episode on Seinfeld.  Parsippany, New Jersey is mentioned in the episode by name multiple times making it a Jersey nod classic.

By the way, as far as movies go, does anyone drop better Jersey references than Ryan Reynolds in Just Friends?  It is one of my favorite movies of all time and it screams Jersey!

According to the research we want to feel nostalgic and warm and fuzzy with old episodes of romantic comedies and sit coms around the holidays which makes perfect sense. So put on your puffy pirate shirt and enjoy some Jersey this Thanksgiving! Check out these Jersey references on The Simpsons:

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