Is it Pork Roll? Is it Taylor Ham?

It is a debate that has been going on as long as I can remember. The conversation gets just as heated as when talking about "Which came first...The chicken or the egg? Is it soda or is it pop? Sprinkles or Jimmies? Sauce vs Gravy?... You get the idea.

The $20 Dollar Chef from Bar Stool Sports stooped by Bing's Deli in Avon By The Sea.

The guys working there stated quite matter of factly that it is Pork Roll. They explained that the brand is Taylor, the product IS Pork Roll.

The guys from the deli then proceed to show BarStool how the perfect pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich is made. It looked quite delicious minus the ketchup

And yes...It IS called Pork Roll

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Andy Chase
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