I have been very consistent with my hatred for the airlines. We know all the usual complaints, but one bankrupt airline just hit a new low and showed WHY they are in financial trouble. American Airlines allegedly threw actor Alec Baldwin off a flight for playing the popular mobile game "Words With Friends" while the plane was still on the ground! This is in a word, terrible. It has already been proven that using a cell phone WON'T crash a plane in flight. What harm is playing a game going to cause on the ground? Airlines go out of their way to prove that they don't want our money. When they do it to us, the regular person, it is 1 thing, but now they are taking on millionaires. Don't they need THEIR money?

Clearly this is ANOTHER example of a flight attendant on a power trip. The pilot then had to back the attendant and ejected him from the plane. What happened to the days when they were actually nice to you? At this point they are just a nuisance. They don't help people board the plane any quicker and they don't help us deplane any quicker. Isn't that the biggest reason they are around these days anyway? I am honestly irate that this happened, and very glad Mr. Baldwin brought this to our attention. I would imagine that he flies a good amount and always first class. That is thousands of dollars they just flushed down the toilet, all because they wanted to show Alec Baldwin who was boss.

These airlines are their own worst enemy. They just keep on making error after error. While some people will frame this as Baldwin being a gaming addict, what really happened here is a man taking a principled stance. He is providing a voice to the voiceless. A voice to the people who want to play games on their smartphones and not let a mean flight attendant take it from them. A voice to people treated badly every time they fly, but can do nothing about it. I wish more people would take stands on the side of principle like him. Do you think the airline was wrong to throw Alec Baldwin off the plane?