As the delta variant of COVID spreads across our nation rules and regulations regarding safety masks and vaccines are in a state of flux which adds to the confusion surrounding covid requirements. Some places encourage masks wearing, while others mandate them.

As kids in New Jersey prepare to go back to school or college, many parents are concerned about the guidelines and rules for their children. It has led to some heat discussions at school board meetings around the country. So what do you need to know? Here are some links to recommendations for grades K through 12 and colleges. For more information, see NJ Department of Health COVID-19 recommendations.


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    Grades K-12

    These are The NJ Department of Health’s recommendations for K-12 schools. 

    Bottom line, most recommendations stay in place from last year.  Social distancing and masks are still advised except, of course, when eating or drinking.


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    The NJ Covid-19 Information Hub states that colleges do not have to enforce social distancing or mask-wearing. However, the next line stating that colleges can “adopt stricter COVID-19 requirements.” In most cases, this means that colleges can mandate their students to get vaccinated.

    Many colleges and universities in New Jersey are requiring students to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination if they want to attend class in person in September. However, religious or medical exemptions are usually permitted. Here is a full list of colleges that require vaccines for their on-campus students

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